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 Inside Dance Magaazine (11/23/15): Chloe is the cover star of the November/December i.....
What Chloe Lukasiak was Obsessed with this Fall

Inside Dance Magaazine

Chloe is the cover star of the November/December issue of Inside Dance Magazine, and I’ve added digital scans from the issue to the gallery. Check back in a bit for an update on the AMA’s!

Chloe_Lukasiak_01 Chloe_Lukasiak_02 Chloe_Lukasiak_03 Chloe_Lukasiak_11 Chloe_Lukasiak_12

LVLTen Magazine!

Chloe was featured in the November/December issue of LVLTen Magazine and it was released today! I’ve added digital scans from Chloe’s spread to the gallery. Check out the photos and read the interview now!

Chloe_Lukasiak_LVLTen__2_ Chloe_Lukasiak_LVLTen__3_ Chloe_Lukasiak_LVLTen__4_ Chloe_Lukasiak_LVLTen__5_ Chloe_Lukasiak_LVLTen__6_

Chloe Lukasiak Solo – Thick Skin by Leona Lewis

2nd Annual Save a Child’s Heart Gala

Last night Chloe attended the 2nd Annual Save a Child’s Heart Gala in Culver City. Photos are up in the gallery now!

Chloe_Lukasiak_01 Chloe_Lukasiak_02 Chloe_Lukasiak_03 Chloe_Lukasiak_07 Chloe_Lukasiak_08

Inside Dance Magazine & LVLten Magazine!

Exciting news Chloe fans! This November, Chloe will be featured in two different magazines! Inside Dance Magazine and LVLten Magazine are both featuring Chloe, and we are just SO excited. Each magazine has given us a few sneak peaks on their Instagram accounts. I’ve added the photos to the gallery. Take a look!

LVLten will be released on November 17th, and is available online and in print. Follow them on Instagram for updates at lvltenmag for updates!


Many of you have asked about a fan mail address for miss Chloe. You may send Chloe fan mail at the address below. Please keep in mind that Chloe is a very busy girl and may not be able to personally respond.

Chloe Lukasiak
P.O. Box 352
Mars, PA 16046-0352

Goosebumps and Haunted Hayride Premieres!

Last night, miss Chloe attended the premieres for the new Goosebumps movie and LA’s annual haunted hayride! I’ve added HQ photos from both events to the gallery.


Fanlala uploaded a video of Chloe walking through a haunted house at Knott’s Scary Farm to their YouTube channel. Check it out!

Dance Star Chloe Lukasiak Gets Super Emotional About Being Teased for Her Medical Condition

You might recognize 14-year-old Chloe Lukasiak for her kickass dance moves. Chances are, you’ve seen her on ​Dance Moms ​and all over the Internet, or you remember that she recently won Choice Dancer at the Teen Choice Awards. Underneath all of her success, though, Chloe has insecurities, just like the rest of us.

For the first time ever, she’s opening up about her biggest insecurity. For a while, Chloe has been teased for what she thought was a “lazy eye,” but it turned out to be something far more serious — a condition called silent sinus syndrome, which causes painless facial asymmetry. “I started noticing it about a year ago or so, but it started getting worst this year,” she said. “People started saying things about it, so that was really hard.”

Chloe just underwent surgery yesterday, and is currently in recovery. Doctors were worried that if they didn’t do something fast, it would affect her vision. “It feels good. I feel a lot more secure,” she said.

Watch her touching video, now.

Meet and Greets, Australia + More!

Hey guys! We are so sorry for the lack of updates lately. We’re getting back on track and have many new updates to share with you!

First, Chloe and Christi’s Scotland events are fast approaching! You can purchase tickets here.

As many of you know, Chloe and Christi are returning to Australia later this year. They will be visiting in July and tickets for their Sydney and Adelaide events go on sale Friday, January 23rd.

Chloe’s YouTube has really taken off! We are absolutely loving all of her videos. She has started something called the Team Chloe Dance Project which gives us an inside look into her dance life at her new studio. We can’t wait to see more from her!

All of Chloe’s recent YouTube videos are below. Enjoy!