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Miss Chloe Lukasiak

Full Name: Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak
Nicknames: Chlo, Chlobird
Birthday: May 25th, 2001
Birthplace: Churchill, Pennsylvania
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Hobbies: Dancing, acting, reading
Favorite Color: Pink

Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak was born on May 25th, 2001, in Churchill, Pennsylvania. Chloe started her career of dance at the young age of two. Chloe took her very first dance class at the Abby Lee Dance Company with her best friend, Paige Hyland. Chloe has been dancing ever since and is known for her incredible technique, grace and fluidity. Chloe is a very sweet, mature young lady. Many people say that she has a “heart of gold.” Chloe enjoys all styles of dance, but her favorites to perform are Musical Theater and Lyrical. Chloe hopes to one day become a professional dancer, with her ultimate dream to become a Rockette. Aside from dancing, Chloe is also passionate about acting and looks up to Jennifer Lawrence. Chloe has big goals for her future, including becoming a mother and a pediatrician (after she has retired from dancing and acting). Chloe is a special girl and we know she will go very far.

Fun Facts

Chloe has been dancing since age two!
Chloe’s dad named Chloe after the song, “Chloe Dancer”.
Chloe absolutely loves to read.
Chloe has a six year old little sister, Clara.
Chloe named Clara after one of the characters from “The Nutcracker!”
Chloe’s favorite actress and inspiration is Jennifer Lawrence.
Chloe’s favorite number is three.
Chloe’s favorite singers are Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.
Chloe is Team Peeta!
Chloe’s favorite color is pink.
Chloe’s favorite junk food is ice cream.
Chloe’s favorite dinner food is steak and broccoli.
Chloe’s favorite television show is Pretty Little Liars.
Chloe’s “twinnie” is Paige Hyland.
Chloe loves the book series, The Hunger Games and Divergent.